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Address: 2nd building 1st floor, Behind Mayur traders, Ambegaon pathar, Near Ram Mandir, Pune.


Eat healthy
Are you a bachelor living alone, who hates to eat outside all the time and craves for "Ghar ka Khanna"?
There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does Skip the diet. Eat healthy.
Do you wish to receive a lunch tiffin at your workplace that not only takes care of the taste but your health too?
Reliable tiffin service
Are you looking for a reliable tiffin service for your school children that will supply safe, nutritious, healthy and well-balanced meals without asking for the moon?
As each colourful fruit and vegetable represents some health benefit
Each option is not just finger-licking good but highly nutritious and prepared under very hygienic conditions.


Make your life easier, interesting and tastier by SOM Tiffin Service.